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Formula 707 Refill Bags

Formula 707 Refill Bags save packaging, space and money

Now you have a lower-cost alternative that saves you money: the same quality Formula 707 products in convenient Formula 707 Refill Bags!

These durable plastic bags stand up for use and feature a re-closeable seal. They require dramatically less material to produce and they're recyclable, so they're easier on the environment. Flexible Refill Bags mean you can store more Formula 707 product in less space, and because the overall packaging weighs less, shipping is less expensive.

Get your Essentials in a Refill Bag.

Calming Essentials™ - 20 lb. Refill Bag Supersal™ Mineral Essentials - 20 lb. Block
Our Price: $114.74
Our Price: $19.99
Calming Essentials Supersal Mineral Essentials - 20 lb. Block
Help for nervous, jumpy or muscle-tight horses. Now available in a 20lb. block - use in growing horses for better skeletal development and in horses of all ages to maintain strong bone structure.
Gastro Essentials™ - 15 lb. Refill Bag Formula 707 cap - embroidered logo on black with white mesh backer
Our Price: $136.11
Our Price: $15.00
Gastro Essentials - 15 lb. Refill Bag
Helps horses that suffer from stomach ulcer symptoms. Embroidered Formula 707 patch on the head.  Red stitching 707 on the bill.  Black front with white mesh backer.  Velcro adjustable closure at back with Colorado flag.  One size fits all.  57% cotton, 43% nylon
Joint Essentials™ 5-in-1 Pellets- 10 lb. Formula 707 camo cap - embroidered logo on beige with camo backer
Our Price: $120.99
Our Price: $15.00
Joint Essentials 5-in-1 - 10 lb.
Use to improve and maintain joint health in performance horses or to keep older horses sound longer. Embroidered Formula 707 logo on the head. Camouflage backer and bill border. Velcro adjustable closure at back with Colorado flag. One size fits all. 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

The secure, easy, convenient way to get quality Formula 707 products shipped right to your door.

Formula 707For decades, knowledgeable horse owners have relied on quality Formula 707 products to keep their horses in top condition – looking good and feeling great.

But because the John Ewing Company, makers of Formula 707, handcrafts its supplements and other products in small batches, they don’t produce the huge volume of product made by some of the mega-manufacturers in the equine industry. In consequence, you can’t get Formula 707 “just anywhere” like you can some big name brands. If Formula 707 is hard to find in your area, Buy707.com is the solution. We carry all the same products available to retailers at just about the same price. The only difference is you buy here, pay here and products are shipped direct to your door.

And if you’d prefer to speak to someone in person, you can always do that by calling 800-525-8601 during business hours. Welcome! We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

Today's Super Deal!

1 gal. Performance Essentials™

Our Price: $25.66
You'll earn 26 Reward points
Performance Essentials™ Liquid - 1 gal.
Use to maintain the optimal nutritional balance in performance horses.

Top Sellers

20 lb. Joint Essentials™ 5-in1
Our Price: $199.95
You'll earn 200 Reward points
20 lb. Hoof Essentials
Our Price: $143.60
You'll earn 144 Reward points
12 lb. Daily Essentials™
Our Price: $40.76
You'll earn 41 Reward points
10 lb. Calming Essentials™
Our Price: $65.89
You'll earn 66 Reward points
30 cc Calming Essentials Paste
Our Price: $13.75
You'll earn 14 Reward points

New Products

Formula 707 Saddle Pads
Our Price: $165.00
You'll earn 165 Reward points
20 lb. Hoof Essentials Refill Bag
Our Price: $130.79
You'll earn 131 Reward points
20 lb. Calming Essentials™
Our Price: $124.13
You'll earn 124 Reward points
2 oz. Restore™ Electrolyte Paste
Our Price: $11.10
You'll earn 11 Reward points
30 cc Digestive Essentials™ Paste
Our Price: $12.73
You'll earn 13 Reward points