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Apple flavored Glo-N-Go makes any horse an "easy keeper".

Containing three times the calories found in an equal weight of grain, Glo-N-Go™ is an ideal solution for horses that have trouble maintaining a consistent weight. Fortified with vitamins E and B1 and rich in essential fatty acids, Glo-N-Go™ is formulated entirely from vegetable oil and contains no animal fat. The apple flavor makes it highly palatable to most horses, and lecithin helps aid in digestion.

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Glo-N-Go™ - 1 gal.
LifeCare™ Glo-N-Go™ Liquid Fat Supplement - 1 gal.
Our Price: $34.95

Use to put on weight in thin horses, enhance performance in athletic horses, and to improve luster in the coat of all horses.