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Extra support for horses who give you everything they've got

True athletes — whether horses or humans — are remarkable creatures. There’s something in them — a drive — that lets them wring every last ounce of energy from every joint, muscle and tendon to run just a little faster, jump just a little higher, or pull just a little harder.

A horse that will do that for you, time after time, under the worst high-stress conditions, deserves the best care you can provide. For generations, knowledgeable horse owners have trusted Formula 707 for the extra support equine athletes in high-level competition need. Because they want to do the best for their horse…and because winning feels so good.

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LifeCare™ PerformanceMx™ Paste - 60 cc oral syringe
LifeCare™ PerformanceMx™ Paste - 60 cc oral syringe
Our Price: $17.95

PeakCare™ PerformanceMx™ Paste provides extra energy for equine athletes in demanding performance conditions.
PerformanceMx™ Liquid - 1 gal.
LifeCare™ PerformanceMx™ Liquid - 1 gal.
Our Price: $29.95

Use to maintain the optimal nutritional balance in performance horses.