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Have you ever experienced itchy, painful mosquito bites? Naturally, you scratch these bites until they become painful open sores. With 5 to 10 clicks, the itch is gone!

  • Five to 10 clicks on a bug bite and the itching STOPS and the bite begins to disappear in just minutes
  • Scientifically proven to STOP the itch
  • Tiny quartz crystals in the patented device are activated when you click the button on the top, creating a static charge that inactivates the antihistamine response your body has to a bug bite that makes you itch
  • Patented, FDA approved medical device
  • May be used as often as needed without any harmful side effects
  • Each device works for up to 20,000 clicks
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Our Price: $9.97

ClickGObite is a patented, FDA approved medical device, scientifically proven to STOP the itch of mosquito bites.